Career management programs for leaders for those stepping into a new managerial role.
Jobizza offer excellent placement services for matching the requirements of a job with the qualification of the candidate.
Jobizza Provides career management programs for leaders for those stepping into a new managerial role and responsibilities.



Founded in 2014 by a team of HR industry experts, Jobizza is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for job seekers, recruiters, trainers, and employers. Our mission is to innovate new processes, connect influential personalities, inspire and train people to improve performance and maximize their potential. We offer a wide range of services that cater to all the needs of our clients, from job search and recruitment to training and development. Jobizza is your one-stop solution for all your career and business goals

Talent Acquisition

We help you find, attract, and hire the best talent for your organization’s current and future needs. We use our experience and innovation to create new processes, assess and select candidates, and onboard and retain new hires.

Training and Development

We help you improve your knowledge, skills, and performance with our online and offline courses, workshops, webinars, and coaching sessions. We offer various topics such as communication, leadership, teamwork, digital skills, and more.

Temporary Staffing Solutions

We help you meet your fluctuating labor demands with our qualified and flexible workers for a short-term or project-based period. We handle the recruitment, payroll, compliance, and management of temporary workers.

HR Event Management

We help you plan and organize events that are related to human resources functions and objectives. We coordinate various aspects such as budgeting, venue selection, catering, entertainment, marketing, registration, logistics, evaluation, and follow-up.

Third Party Payroll Services

We help you outsource your payroll responsibilities to an external provider. We handle various tasks such as calculating salaries and deductions, processing payments and taxes, filing reports and returns, managing benefits and compliance issues, and providing support and advice.

Pune Office

2nd FLoor, Anchor House, Near Lulla Nagar Signal, Above Bank of India, Kiran Gas Agency, Lulla Nagar, Main Raod, Kondhwa, Pune, Maharashtra 411040, India