Terms & Conditions


    ‘Candidate’ means a person who approaches the Jobizza with a view to being engaged or otherwise employed by a Client or a person introduced by the Jobizza to the Client to be considered for an engagement of service.


  1. Before Jobizza can begin to seek work / job on behalf of the candidate, the candidate must provide to the Jobizza with full details of the work for which he would like to be considered and all other associated matters to enable the firm to arrange an Introduction with a client.
  2. Full details together with supporting evidence of the relevant experience, training, qualifications and professional body authorizations of the candidate has to be submitted to the JOBIZZA.
  3. The candidate agrees to notify the Jobizza immediately an offer of an Engagement is received from a client and will provide full details of the terms of the offer and in particular the Remuneration.
  4. The Jobizza accepts no liability for any loss or expense suffered by the candidate should the client withdraw the offer at any time for any reason.
  5. The Candidate acknowledges and agrees that all inbound and outbound calls made to or from the Jobizza may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.
  6. TThe Candidate agrees that the Jobizza may, from time to time, contact the candidate by way of e-mail, SMS, telephone, letter correspondence, voice broadcast, or any other type of communication.


  • The Jobizza will use reasonable endeavors to introduce the Candidate to a Client.
  • The Jobizza will not assure warranty as to find suitable vacancy as per candidate requirement. The Jobizza will help in supportive role it will not give any assurance of guaranteed selection of the candidate.
  • The selection of the candidates will whole sole depends upon his/her own merits, eligibility, qualification and experience as well as specialization know-how.


    The personal data that we collect from candidates is necessary to ensure the correctness of the data provided to carry out the recruitment process. This data includes information such as your name, address, e-mail address, mobile no, references, Career and education history also your nationality and status to work in the India. Any other sensitive data is collected only so far as is necessary to ensure to meet necessary requirements. By registering with us, you consent to us collecting and processing the data and, where necessary, disclosing this information to prospective employers in connection with the recruitment process. We assure that JOBIZZA will keep such information confidentional.


    Once you provide your CV to JOBIZZA it will be made available to our specialist recruitment teams. Unless you request otherwise at the point of registration, Your CV and other relevant information supplied by you may be sent or presented to prospective employers who we deem would be of interest to you, and who we deem may be interested in your skills and experience. If candidate demands CV to be created by JOBIZZA separate fees will be charged for the same.


    If you have applied for a specific vacancy (or vacancies) through JOBIZZA, the information you provide will be used to determine your suitability for the position and, if applicable, your CV will be presented to the client company with whom the vacancy is based. We will also consider whether your skills would be suited to other opportunities on which we are working and, unless you request otherwise, your details may be presented to additional prospective employers whom we deem would be of interest to you, and who we deem may be interested in your skills and experience.


    JOBIZZA reserves the right to make any changes to our terms & conditions and amendments from time to time.


    By filling up registration form along with this draft of terms and conditions it is deemed that you have accepted these terms & conditions with free consent.


    The firm recognizes that discrimination in the workplace in any form, is unacceptable and in most cases unlawful. We have therefore adopted an Equal Opportunities Policy to ensure that all job applicants and employees are treated fairly and without favour or prejudice. We are committed to applying this Equal Opportunities Policy throughout all areas of employment; recruitment and selection in all situations people will be judged solely on his/her individual merit or ability.


    Serial No Fee structure Registration Amount
    1 Registration Fee 500/-
      Total 500/-


  1. The above mentioned registration and consulting fee is valid for 1 year duration from the date of receipt of payment of said fees.
  2. The jobizza has discretion to change/alter the said fees structure at any time.
  3. The fees [Registration Fee] will not be refunded at any cost in any situation.
  4. jobizza will provide free 1 year delivery of weekly Paper to the registered member from the date of registration.


  1. The placement fee payable by the candidate will be calculated as per company Norms.
  2. The fees shall be paid once he/she receives offer letter or he/she joins the duty.
  3. Under any circumstances he/she is liable to pay placement fee.